Saturday, April 16, 2011

Like My New Year's Objectives, Better Late Than Never

In my last entry on my New Year's objectives I promised, yes promised, to update my progress by April Fool's Day.  As you've gathered by now, I'm not the most disciplined person around, which is why I need to set yearly goals for myself in the first place.  I'm two weeks late, but here I am with my update.

First off, I did manage to clean my entire domicile: scrubbing, sweeping, and dusting.  One mere month later and my digs need cleaning again.  So by this time next month, I expect I'll have cleaned the whole place again.

As to my consumption of produce, I took a hiatus while on spring break in Chicago, where I ate a lot of pizza, Chinese, and Italian beefs, and not so many fruits and vegetables.  But, happily, I'm back home downing my daily V-8 plus three or four servings of whatever else is around, usually a banana, some broccoli, and some salad.

I'm still falling short of my 30 minutes of walking, and I've decided to dust off one of the bicycles in the garage and take it out for a spin every morning.   That sounds like a lot more fun than a morning constitutional, and anything that gets me moving is good.  I even count the housework towards my half hour of exercise.

As far as frugal existence, well, my grandmother saving string I am not.  We seem to be spending a lot of money on takeout food again, a habit we reclaimed while on spring break.  So this month I apply more discipline to saving money by refocusing on home cooked meals and eliminating all unnecessary spending.

In the spirit of saving the best for last, I have finally started work on revising my play.  Inspired by Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life,I've set myself a goal of writing or rewriting one scene a week.

No promises on when I'll report on my progress, but I will do so before school's out.  At least that's the plan.


  1. I guess we all have to just keep at our NY resolutions don't we. Here's a link to some new play readings. This link is to just one, but I guess there are readings on the 20, 26 and 27th too. Thought you might be interested. -T

  2. Thanks! I'll check out this out. I haven't been to a play in an age.