Friday, December 16, 2011

Freshman Freak

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
by David Lubar
Perfection Learning (2007)
288 pages
ISBN:  0756980038

Scott is a typical fifteen-year-old freshman nerd:  skinny, smart, and suckered out of his lunch money every day by senior bullies.  He has a huge crush on Julia, a suddenly gorgeous girl he once shared a package of crackers with in kindergarten.  Trying to get Julia to notice him, Scott runs for student council, becomes the least athletic kid to ever write the sports column for the school paper, and tries out for the school play.  Meanwhile, his friendship with Lee, a freakish girl, blossoms.  What he needs is a survival manual to get through the next four years of high school.  When his mother announces she's pregnant, he begins writing that high-school survival manual:  his first gift to his unborn sibling.

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Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie.

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