Thursday, August 18, 2011

Objectives on Target

This is the last time I'm going to revisit my 2011 New Year's objectives; after all I'll be making new ones for 2012 before too much longer.  Probably the same ones, but that's beside the point.  Needless to say all my goals were not met, though most were to a certain degree.

I continue to eat 5 fruits and vegetables daily.  Great time of year for it, too:  I've been frequenting farmer's markets for tomatoes, beans, corn, and peaches.  Plus, I still drink V-8 several times a week.   And, while I haven't given them up entirely, I am limiting my sweets to a few a week.

About two months ago, I took on a part-time job, which has cut into my writing time.  I do try to post on my blog at least once a week, but I have not worked on my play since.  On the flip side, though I have less time for my own writing, there is some writing involved on the job, which does keep my skills honed.  I'm also learning some things about graphics art, all tricks that I can use--and have--for my blog.

There are other benefits to the new job.  More money obviously.  The plan is to save all of my salary and live off of my husband's.  And we are still trying to curb the spending, though I must confess my Diet Pepsi addiction has not abated.  One of the best benefits of the job is that it forces me to exercise every day.  Rather than drive, I ride my bike to and from work, about four miles round trip, which takes me about forty minutes a day.  Once winter comes, I'll have to switch to commuting by automobile, but at that point I'll exercise on the stationary bike after work.

Clearly, the objective I need to work on most is carving time out of my schedule to do some creative writing.  I expect that when my son goes back to school next week, I'll be able to write in the morning after he leaves or in the afternoon before he comes home.  Additionally, we'll institute a quiet period after dinner--meaning no t.v., no video games, no web surfing--when all three of us can read, write, or study.  Then maybe I can finally finish the play I've been working on or start a completely new project.  Wish me luck on that front!


  1. I love the quiet time idea. For many, many years I have made the same resolution - to talk less and listen more. I never quite master it but feel it is a worthy goal so I don't mind repeating. -T

  2. I know it really is hard to keep up the quiet time, but it is worth trying again.