Thursday, September 29, 2011

Harry's Makeover

Back in January of this year, I posted a review of David Kelly's new legal drama, Harry's Law.  Back then I loved the show.  Well, things have changed.  Season Two began two weeks ago, and Harry's Law has lost its charm and its street cred.  When the show first aired, critics hated it but viewers loved it, so NBC brought it back for a second season.  For some reason, despite viewers enjoying the show, they decided to give the program a makeover.  Wrong decision, t.v. executive-type guys.  If something ain't broke, it don't need fixin'.

Gone from Harry's Law are Malcolm Davies (Aml Ameen) the paralegal and Damien Winslow (Johnny Ray Gill) the neighborhood protector.  In diminshed roles--and soon to be gone--are Jenna Backstrom (Brittany Snow) the receptionist, the shoe store, and the Cincinnati neighborhood.  Harriet's practice has been regentrified:  No longer practicing law out of the shoe store, she's upstairs in the second-floor loft with a high-profile office to match her new high-profile attorneys and cases.  O.k. the one change I like is that Tommy Jefferson (Christopher McDonald) is now sharing office space with Harry.  More Tommy J is a good thing.

Don't expect to see any more elderly women paying for legal services with socks full of change.  Don't expect to see Harry mediating between gangbangers.  Expect to see more clients like Eric Sanders (Alfred Molina) who has been accused of murdering his wife.  Frankly, I don't care for the show's makeover:  Harry's Law is downright boring now.  Who cares if Eric Sanders murdered his wife?  Who cares if he lives or dies?  Who cares if the show lives or dies?  In its current configuration?  Not I.

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  1. omg i fully agree even tho im a criminology student and saw that the first season was unrealistic in legal practices at least it had morals ... whats the point of her leaveing her big job before if she is only going to return to the same high profile lawyer job that she left.. really lame i hate the new season. they scaraficed the viewers for the critics...