Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goodbye Whitney Houston, Jill Kinmont, and Florence Green

This month saw the passing of some remarkable women, most famously, Whitney Houston at the tender age of 48.  We also lost Jill Kinmont Boothe.  An Alpine Skier paralyzed in a 1955 Snow Cup race, she went on to become a teacher and a painter.  Two movies were made about her life and her loves:  The Other Side of the Mountain and The Other Side of the Mountain: Part Two

Florence Greene, the last surviving World War I veteran, passed away this month in England.  Last year on her 110th birthday the former R.A.F. waitress said, "It seems like such a long time ago now."  (I wrote about the Lost Generation last Veteran's Day, which you can read about here.)

On a happier note, this month marks the seventh anniversary of the launching of  Billions of viewers watch--and link to--many millions of videos.   If you can't find it on YouTube, you can't find it.

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