Saturday, March 3, 2012

Recent Blog Stats

I haven't enjoyed the last couple of books I've read and haven't seen any new movies lately, so, while I fish around for something to review, I thought I'd share recent blog stats.  Since posting my Interview with Dan Boehl on November 11, 2011, it has been the most visited of all my posts.  But yesterday Grimm's Tales (November 5, 2011) surpassed Dan to become the the fruitcake files favorite post.  Four of the top ten posts are from this year:  Facebook Time Travel (February 9, 2012), Spend Valentine's Day with Cary Grant, Harrison Ford, Colin Firth, or Johnny Depp (February 13, 2012), The Blood of the Children (January 16, 2012), and Drinking Rum with Johnny Depp (February 17, 2012).  Following are the top ten posts:

Grimm's Tales
Interview with Dan Boehl
Facebook Time Travel
Spend Valentine's Day with Cary Grant, Harrison Ford, Colin Firth, or Johnny Depp
The Blood of the Children
In Defense of Chop Suey
Harry's Makeover
Tom and Huck Down on the Farm
Drinking Rum with Johnny Depp

Other hard hit posts this past month include:

Goodbye Whitney Houston, Jill Kinmont, and Florence Gree
Robbing the Rich and Giving to the Poor
Chinese Cooking in the Year of the Dragon
Summer of Butter Pecan Ice Cream and the Brooklyn Dodgers
No Escape from Stalag 13

Though I'm still waiting for readers from Africa and Antartica, I am getting more readers from the Middle East, Australia, and South America.  Currently, the five countries with the most fruitcake files readers are the U.S., Russia, Germany, the U.K., and Canada.


  1. I think blog stats can be so fascinating! I rarely understand why certain posts get a ton of traffic while others (which are extremely similar) get almost none. It's definitely fun to try to figure out. Thanks for sharing some of yours :)

    1. I can't figure out why some posts get so much more traffic than others either. I'm clueless about SEO. My post "Facebook Time Travel" got a ton of hits, and I knew when I named it it would. But who's actually searching for Facebook time travel? Bizarre.